At ABM Trading, we teach our students how to understand the money markets from the ground up. We will guide you through the complex world of trading by taking you through an intense 3 months mentoring program. During these 3 months, you will learn everything you need to know about the markets, starting off with the 4 basic pillars of capital markets i.e fixed income (Bonds), stocks/equities, money markets (FX) and commodities. We will teach you how the smart money flows from one asset class to another during different market cycles and how you can capitalise on these opportunities through trading the markets.

We apply fundamentals and technical analysis to select and trade different markets whether stocks, commodities, Forex or cryptocurrencies. Fundamental analysis helps us forecast the bigger trend and technical analysis helps us time the market. Price action helps us determine the path of least resistance and supply and demand shows us who’s currently in control.

The Market Mastery program includes:

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The course structure involves:

Charting/Technical Analysis Mastery

Including: Advanced price action, supply and demand,  range of tools and indicators,multiple timeframe analysis, candlesticks, chart patterns and more –

Fundamentals Mastery

Different Asset classes (bonds,equities, FX, commodities), market cycles, yield-curve analysis, currency strength index, COT report analysis, central banks monetary policies and mandates, import/exports, resources and more.

Trade Management Mastery

Including portfolio management, risk management, position sizing, money management, correlations

Trader Psychology

Including Trading plan, trading journal, back-trading, additional resources
-Lifetime Support and mentoring after course completion

Lifetime trading signals

Course duration

3 months – 4 sessions monthly (3 hours each)

total 12 sessions = 36 hours


Price: £2000